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What drives us.

Transportation isn’t always as exacting as we may like. Slidr closes the “last mile” in our riders’ travel moments. Riders use Slidr to get from one venue to the next, when walking is just a bit too far, and when beginning from point A, when destination B is just a little too close to order a paid car. We’re free to riders, and our rides offer more than just miles-covered. Slidr’s vehicles are state of the art, fully tech’ed out. Plus, we’re eco-friendly, so you feel good about kicking up your feet. Oh, and all of this happens at the touch of a mobile button.

Economical and Eco-Friendly Rides.

We designed all of our vehicles to be eco-friendly and extremely safe. We use state of the art technology that connects users to their ride via a smartphone, and our budget-friendly scooters will help you slide through from Point A to Point B in a breeze.

Join the Scootr Revolution

Slidr is connecting Universities and cities, improving the way people experience first and last mile transportation.

Leaving future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet, one Scootr ride at a time.

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We always welcome new applications for sponsors. We do our due diligence with all our partners and do our best to streamline revenue generation processes and bring customers to your doorstep.

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